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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive, problem-solving approach to our clients. Just because you do not see a process specifically described here, give us a call – we LOVE a challenge!

Design Services

It all begins in the design. We utilize over a dozen different computer programs to create each design. Design can include text, graphics and photographs – in any combination. We can match or locate font styles and clean up existing logos and graphics. We have begun with as little as a few verbal ideas and created designs that our clients have described as “exactly what I envisioned! How did you read my mind?”

CNC Plasma Cutting & Routering Services

We have a NEW ArcLight ArcPro 9600X plasma table and cutter that we are proud to have in the lineup. Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through metals using an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical metals cut with a plasma include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper. All cutting is controlled by the onboard computer system producing a highly detailed and intricate result. Our specific equipment has a 4 ft by 8 ft table which allows for fabrication of very large pieces. Our shop has the added service of welding and Adam is quite skilled in this as well. As parts for vehicles, tractors and machinery have become unavailable, we have been able to fabricate many pieces to help other industries keep producing.

Our CNC Router has added yet another option for working in wood designs. A design can be programmed to the router for wood signs and creates a distinctly different look than the other processes. It can also be combined with other processes for an added level of depth and interest. Custom panels are routered for industrial manufacturing applications.

Metal Shearing, Bending & Rolling Services

Rarely can raw metal stock be found in just the right size or configuration. This machine gives us the ability to cut custom sized metal sheet stock for plaques and trophies (just one example). The capability to place bends in that metal at any angle or degree opens another creative door. Finally, this machine gives us the ability to ‘roll’ the newly cut pieces into cylindrical shape. An example is a custom request we had for an urn. The urn itself was already purchased and was round. The client requested that we cut a custom size brass plate, engrave the name and a quote on it, then ‘roll’ it so that it would adhere smoothly to the urn. The result was beautiful!

Laser Etching, Engraving / Rotary Engraving, Emblazoning, & Cutting Services

We are especially fond of our BossLaser 150 watt CO2 laser as it was the first piece of equipment and began our endeavor into this business. The BossLaser has a large 36x48 inch table with pass thru doors on all sides which allow for large materials. We have the ability to cut intricate designs in wood, leather and special laserable rubber for stamping, just to name a few examples. Etching or emblazoning on metal, glass and ceramic is accomplished using a marking spray product which when heated by the laser creates a permanent mark. This marking spray is available in several base colors – call us to discuss options! Finally, laser engraving creates a crisp, clean result on powder-coated metal, wood, glass, mirror, acrylic, cloth, granite, tile, ceramic, marble, and much more.

Fiber Laser Engraving, Cutting & MOPA Marking

The HiTec 3D Fiber Laser is a 100-watt MOPA M7 laser source and hi-speed galvanometer head on the largest available table and focus arm. What all of that means is that this equipment can deep engrave into metals with incredible detail and precision. The MOPA technology can permanently mark stainless steel in various colors, dependent upon the frequency utilized. These options provide dynamic options to our abilities!

Sandblasting Services

We use a Skat-Blast sandblasting cabinet for most projects. This is an essential part of the team as all metal must be sandblasted prior to being powder-coated to assure all moisture and contaminates are removed. It is also great in creating designs in sandstone and wood. Lori has found it incredibly valuable in re-purposing to remove old paint, rust and grime.

Powder-Coating Services

Powder-coating is another service we are offering. Lori lucked into an opportunity to train with who we feel is one of the best in the business several years ago! Powder-coating is a method of baking on a magnetically-adhered finish to metals. This process makes outdoor signs and items hold up to the elements MUCH better. Powder-coating is available in a vast array of colors and can then be laser engraved off in designs to create a truly one-of-a-kind creation!

Vinyl Cutting & Heat Pressing Services

Our USCutter system is efficient and creates highly detailed designs. We can create wall art up to 36 inches high and virtually unlimited length. That same process is combined with the flat-plate heat press for shirts, aprons and signs. We also have added a mug press to create custom cups and glasses.

Large Format Sublimation Printing

The Epson 7900 in our line-up is a high definition printer on roll archive matte paper 24 inches in width and unlimited length. High end, framable prints are readily producible. Another option is color printed sublimation stickers and heat press designs for shirts, cups and much more.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small!


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