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Finishing Services

Specialty Finishes

Specialty Finishes are Adam's passion! His years of airbrushing experience show in unique faux wood-grain finishes and 3D graphics.

Our specialty finishing services can be applied to most surfaces.

Powder-Coat Finishes

We have experience in and have trained with experts in the powder-coating industry. Powder-coating is a process by which colored powder pigment is magnetically applied to metal (aluminum, brass, raw steel, stainless steel, copper) and then baked at a consistent temperature to seal the metal. This process is particularly recommended for metal outdoor signs and décor. Powder-coating prevents rusting and environmental damage.

Powder-coated items can then be laser engraved, creating unique items that remain vibrant for years.

Powder-coating is also perfect for plaques, awards, trophies and signs cut from stainless steel, then powder-coated any color and laser engraving removes the powder-coating only where designated, creating a stunning result!

A wide array of powder-coating colors and finishes are available. Watch for color charts coming soon!


Powder-Coating Color Options:

Powdercoat Candy Color Options #1 Powdercoat Candy Color Options #2 Powdercoat Color Gloss Options Powdercoat Color Options Powdercoat Color Texture Vein Options Powdercoat Color Options #1 Powdercoat Texture Color Options Powdercoat Texture Vein Color Options


WildMtn Innovations powdercoating paint oven The inside of Wild Mtn Innovations powder coat paint oven

Our TMB Powder-Coating Oven

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