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Powder-Coat Finishes

We have experience in and have trained with experts in the powder-coating industry. Powder-coating is a process by which powdered pigment is electrostatically charged to be applied to metal (aluminum, brass, raw steel, stainless steel, copper) and then baked at a consistent temperature to seal the metal. This process is particularly recommended for metal outdoor signs and décor. Powder-coating prevents rusting and environmental damage.

It is important to note that before powder-coating can be undertaken, all rust, oils and old finishes must be removed, and the metal prepared in such a way that the powder has a surface to adhere to. This is most commonly accomplished in our shop through chemical bath or sandblasting.

The purpose or use of the item being powder-coated is also important to note. Items that will be subject to intense weather extremes or constant use should have a primer powder-coat and then the color coat to assure long lasting results.

Powder-coated items can then be laser engraved, creating unique items that remain vibrant for years. This is especially eye-catching on powder-coated stainless steel. The laser engraving removes the powder-coating only where designated, creating a stunning result!

Powder-coating is also perfect for plaques, awards and trophies.

A wide array of powder-coating colors and finishes are available. Sample color chips are seen below, demonstrating the wide range of options. All chips are available in our shop to make choosing easier.

The cost of powder-coating is affected by several factors: the size of the item, the cost of the powder itself, the intended use of the item and whether a primer or top coat will be necessary.


Powder-Coating Color Options:

Powdercoat Candy Color Options #1 Powdercoat Candy Color Options #2 Powdercoat Color Gloss Options Powdercoat Color Options Powdercoat Color Texture Vein Options Powdercoat Color Options #1 Powdercoat Texture Color Options Powdercoat Texture Vein Color Options


WildMtn Innovations powdercoating paint oven The inside of Wild Mtn Innovations powder coat paint oven

Our KoolKoat Powder-Coating Oven

Specialty Finishes

Specialty Finishes are Adam's passion! His years of airbrushing experience show in unique faux wood-grain finishes and 3D graphics.

Our specialty finishing services can be applied to most surfaces.

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