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Design Service

Wild Mountain Innovations Vinyl Cut Design

A successful design assures a beautiful result.

We provide full design services of graphics, photographs, logos and text. No matter what format is provided to us, design services are necessary to engage with the equipment. If you have an organization, business or event that will use the same design repeatedly, you will only pay for design service once.

We use multiple computer software programs to prepare all designs for the given machines performing the work. Each design we create is unique.

If you are interested in a specific graphic but are unsure if it is available for use, please contact us, we have thousands of designs which have been properly licensed for use. If you have a preference on the font you can send us that information, or we can offer options. Photographs need to be very clear and of high quality to produce quality engraving.

Before any work begins, all designs are submitted to the client for approval. Clients can submit designs in any format, such as a description of an idea or a logo or photograph. We prefer that any artwork, logos or graphics be submitted in .svg, .dxf, .pdf or .jpg format. Photographs for laser engraving need to be 300 dpi minimum and high quality. We have thousands of fonts and graphics available to choose from! No matter what format designs are submitted in, they require further programming to prepare them for the specific machine application.

We charge $60 per hour for design time with a $20 minimum. Once a design has been completed, it is archived for each client.

Later projects utilizing an existing design do not incur further design charges unless changes are made.

This is a budget and time saving feature we offer. Designs created for one process can be used on a vastly different process later. An example would be creating a design for your business sign and later using that design to have company shirts made.

All of the products we carry and the services we offer can be combined in many ways to create unique and beautiful results. We can also produce bulk manufacture of items in support of fellow small businesses. In our shop we carry a variety of retail items ready for purchase. If you are looking for something truly unique for a gift, we can likely show you some options you may not even know exist! All retail items are available to be shipped and can be personalized!

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NOTE: Clicking on the image (directly below) will take you to our associate's website, DJ's Metal Art, where you will be able to browse through the catalogs of designs for ideas. All of the images in the catalogs are available through WildMtn and we would ask that you please let us know which exact catalog you are looking at, the specific catalog page number, and the specific design identifier. Thank you!

DJs Metal Arts Catalogs of Designs

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