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Sandblasting Service

WildMtn Innovations sandblasting machine

Our Start Blast Sand-Blaster

Sand Blasting is another new service WildMtn is excited to offer! Sand blasting is perfect for removing old finishes, paint or rust from items as well as preparing metals to be powder-coated and for creating outdoor custom stone signs, memorials and markers.

We recently added a new SkatBlast sand-blasting cabinet to compliment our other services. Sand-blasting is traditionally used to remove old paint and rust from metal pieces. We are no different in that we use the sand-blaster to remove rust and deteriorated paint from items we plan to repurpose.

Sand-blasting is necessary prior to powder-coating any metal piece created on the plasma table.

Another service that sand-blasting offers is creating designs in sandstone and other viable stone for markers and signs. A masking negative is created and the sand-blaster removes layers of stone. The resulting design can be finished with color or remain natural for outdoor installations.

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