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HiTec 3-D Fiber Laser

HiTec Fiber Laser for Metal Marking, Cutting, Engraving, & Etching

Metal Engraving - Cutting - Marking

Our 100-watt HiTec Fiber Laser with JPT laser source and Feeltek F20 galvo head features a 600mm x 600mm table with an 800mm focal arm and optional rotary. This is a special combination of features for a number of reasons, including above average working palette and expanded frequency capability.

To clarify, a fiber laser differs from our BossLaser (CO2) in that it can cut, mark and deep 3D engrave text and artwork into metal. A fiber laser works using an optical fiber which is coated in rare earth elements. The wavelength and controlled frequencies provide a precision beam that can transfer energy into the desired material.

The MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) technology in the fiber laser we use provides a wide range of color marking on stainless steel, according to the frequency the laser is directed to produce. This marking process permanently changes the surface to create the marking.

The fiber laser’s ability to create high peak power and long pulse duration allow for aggressive deep 3D engraving by vaporizing layers of the metal structure itself in a precise manner.

For these reasons, the fiber laser is the perfect companion to round out the services we are capable of offering. This technology is still viable in industrial applications but has now become available for consumer use. Decorative metals and intricate designs engraved or marked onto metal come out dramatically!

Pricing is based upon minutes of equipment run-time or upon letter count in simple personalization projects.


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