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Metal Shearing, Bending & Rolling Services

Wild Mountain Innovations Shear Machine used for Shearing, Bending, and Rolling

Our Central Machinery Shear

We found early on that we needed to be able to create decorative metal plates and pieces that are unusual in size or configuration. We invested in our own metal shear to create those pieces, which are used on awards, plaques and much more.

Our shear is a manual operation multi-purpose machine. It is primarily used for thin, decorative metals such as copper, brass, aluminum and stainless. We carry a selection of these metals in the shop and have excellent resources for other decorative metals.

A SHEAR can precisely and cleanly cut metal in any chosen dimension. The BREAK (bending) is a portion of the machine that bends the metal at an angle which has been predetermined. The ROLLER gently transforms the metal pieces into varying degrees of cylindrical shapes.

These simple modifications to a piece of metal open enumerable possibilities for one of a kind creations. As part of a larger overall project, shearing, bending and rolling are not charged separately. As a stand-alone service, the shop rate applies.

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