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Terms & Policies

• All client information and project information are maintained in a secure, non-accessible manner. No information is ever shared, unless the client has specifically agreed to an affiliate business assisting in the completion of the project. Client will never receive any form of contact or solicitation from any third party. Should such contact occur. Clients are strongly encouraged to contact WildMtn so that we can further pursue all necessary measures.

• Designs are the property of WildMtn Innovations, LLC. All designs provided by WildMtn in the course of preparing a quote or completing a project will not be shared with any third party by WildMtn or by the client. Preparation of a design will require a minimum of a $20.00 deposit, which will be applied to the project invoice. Design deposits are non-refundable if the project does not proceed for any reason. Duplication, reproduction manipulation or repurposing of WildMtn designs without express written permission is protected under United States copyright laws and is not acceptable. A design can be transferred to a third party service provider with written permission from WildMtn. A fee for design transfer may be assessed. Designs are archived in secure digital format for future client use at WildMtn. Archived designs can be used on further projects free of charge, as long as no changes are made to the design.

• WildMtn will provide quotes which will be as accurate as is possible. Client should be aware that multiple changes to the design, changes in costs of materials between the time of the quote and ordering of the materials, and changes to the scope of the project will all affect the final cost of the project. Quotes are only valid for 10 calendar days.

• As of January 1, 2023 a minimum charge for all services provided will be $20.00 • WildMtn will not warranty work or materials provided by other affiliates or third party suppliers.

• Changes to the project of any nature after approval (verbal or written) will incur additional charges. WildMtn makes every effort to secure the client’s written approval of the design and quote via signature on the quote in the provided location. However, time and technology constraints may limit ability to accomplish this and clear communication of approval, whether written or verbal, will be sought.

• Deposit may be required prior to undertaking any project. Aside from the design deposit outlined above, WildMtn retains the right to request a percentage deposit or payment in full prior to ordering materials or beginning any project. WildMtn will make this determination at its own discretion.

• Invoices are due at the time of completion of the job. Any individual, business or organization must notify WildMtn in advance of undertaking the project of accounting practices requiring later payment. Under such circumstances, invoices are due within 10 days.

• Invoices outstanding 10 days after completion of the project, whether by failure of the client to retrieve the project timely or upon client’s accounting practices failing to provide timely payment, will incur a 10% late fee. Project invoices outstanding 30 days after project completion will incur an additional fee as WildMtn deems appropriate within Colorado state law.

• Completed projects remaining in the shop past the 10 day window of time will be assessed storage fee of 10% of the invoice total per week the project remains in the WildMtn facility.

• All unpaid invoices will be referred to collections after 30 days.

• Invoices can be paid in cash or check written on a bank located in Southwest Colorado. All checks returned by any banking institution will be assessed a $30 fee. Returned checks will be pursued to the full lawful extent and subject to collection and court costs.

• Invoices paid by credit card will incur the Colorado credit convenience fee of 2% of the invoice total. Any disputed credit card charges will incur additional fees for collection and remedies as determined appropriate by WildMtn.

• All projects invoiced by WildMtn are considered custom materials and services and are not eligible for refund. Clients are obligated to bring any concerns to the attention of WildMtn and cooperate in permitting WildMtn to remedy any complaints.

• Sales tax on all invoiced projects retrieved at the WildMtn location will be assessed at 4.9% under federal and state regulations. All projects shipped or delivered will incur the Colorado per item convenience fee of $0.27.

• Shipping is available through USPS, UPS, FedEx or ground courier, whichever is most cost effective and appropriate for the nature of the project being shipped. Client has the right to request particular carrier or delivery method. Client is responsible for shipping costs. The invoice, including shipping cost, is due and payable prior to shipping.

• Client can request unique items be picked up and/or delivered. A fee of $50.00 per trip will be due and payable at the time of the item transportation. The above referenced travel fee applies only to travel within 15 miles of the shop location. Other destinations will be charged a fee of $75.00 per hour plus $0.58 per mile.

• Client’s signature on the invoice indicates client’s approval of the project, release of any complaint or claim and client’s permission for WildMtn to post photographs of the final project on it’s website or social media pages.

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